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Americas First Modern Architectural Marvel

We are proud of the historical designations the Company Homes have earned since its completion from 1918 to 1920; starting with it being the World's First Pre-Fab Construction. More importantly, it is one of the most important things built in the History of Ohio according to the Society for Architectural Historians, and lastly, it's the first known Modern Apartment Complex ever built. Read below and learn in-depth how monumental this site is.

About our Historical Designation

World's First Pre-Fab

Pre-Fab had been designed not long before the construction of the Company Homes began, but no successful application of the technology had been completed.

Herding and Boyd, project Architects, realized pre-fab construction would be the best choice for the best apartments ever built. Creating forms at the Sheet and Tube mills, the floors, ceilings, and walls of the homes were trucked up the hill and put in place by a new type of crane built just for the project.

Hydraulic cement was poured into rebar re-enforced frames then vibrated to strengthen them to ensure they would not only be unbreakable during assembly but also able to stand the test of time. This made the homes ridiculously strong in every aspect and they are still standing strong 100 years later, a true testament to American Ingenuity.

About our Architectural  Importance

Most Important Structure Ever Built in the County

The Society of Architectural Historians has listed the Company Homes on their site as one of the absolute most important things ever built in the entire history of the state.

In Mahoning County, the only other location to achieve this designation is Mill Creek Park. Based on Structure, Construction methods and other factors it is deemed monumentally important to our State, and our Country's history.

There was nothing like it ever built in the history of all time up to that point, and it would appear that nothing like it was ever constructed afterward. It was only made possible by the vast financial resources of the Youngstown Sheet and Tube Company. It was not something that just anyone could do. From the pre-fab super walls to the Clay tile roofs, it was without any doubt the most large-scale, ambitious, and costly endeavor of its time.

It stood in epic witness to the power of our steel industry and our valley.



About our Historic Potential

History is a Major WORLD Attraction

From our own Jarome Arizona, Mt. Rushmore, to the Roman Colosseum, the Great Wall, and much more, people have traveled great distances and spent inordinate amounts of money to see first-hand monumental structures and sites that hold great historical significance. 

After reading everything about this site, if you do not feel this qualifies under the term Great Historical Significance... then I do not know what would.

In their current state of ruin, tourists, reporters, photographers, writers, journalists, and TV stations from not only all over the USA, but from all over the WORLD have made their way to see these homes. This was done without advertisement, without commercials, without promotion. Literally, thousands have come simply from word of mouth in various forms.

Imagine how many would come if the site were restored and advertised for visitors to enjoy. We are letting uncountable amounts of revenue simply slip away as people go to sites other than ours because we cannot get the funding required to make this the Major Attraction it should be.



Learn More About Us

Important Links and Features of This Site


The Video and photos on our home page are just the beginning. We have 100's more archived on our office server.

Some of our most dramatic renovation and event photos can be found on our Gallery Page allowing you to see first hand what kind of work we do, and the people that make it happen.

This is not an interest or effort of a few, but important to many in our valley who want to see this site restored.

About our  Project Leader

Timothy G. Sokoloff

In 2007 he left his job as Chief Tech Officer at The New TV in Youngstown Ohio and moved into an empty company home. Looking around and realizing that the complex was devastated and would not survive unless drastic action was taken he decided to start a movement to restore and renovate the site.

Being fortunate to have a history of working in the building and trades, rental, real estate, property management, and other areas he had acquired the skills and know-how to lead the project to completion. His varied background and love for the site and our cities history have made it evident he is the guy for the job.



About our Historical Significance

World's First Modern Apartment Complex

Verified by various universities, architectural studies, and historians, by all accounts there was NOTHING ever built that even came close to the Company Homes. 

Throughout Europe and in many of the growing cities of the US there were many various apartment buildings... High rises, row housing, multi-story buildings, and the like, but NOTHING that resembled a modern-day apartment complex existed.

What defines this designation is how the company homes were not only built but how they were laid out and the fact that each and every tenant not only had all the amenities of the day but their own indoor bathroom, which was quite a luxury for many in 1918.


When we think of an Apartment Complex, we think of a communal style layout, maybe a pool, laundry facility, centrally located office, common areas, a park or playground area for kids living in the complex, etc.

In 1918 nothing like this existed. However, Herding and Boyd truly understand the nature of the site they were designing. They realized those mill workers had a common comradery as many were coming from Europe with wives and young children, and a more adequately designed living space was necessary for them.

This created the need for a green space for people to gather, areas for clotheslines to hang, and a place for children to play. They even included a WADING POOL for the kids within the complex.

Combined with the Estate Style Individual Townhouse apartment in the row-by-row layout they set the stage for every apartment Complex to come in the future. Add to that the inclusion of every amenity of the time (Gas, Electric, and Indoor Plumbing) this became the design for the future of the apartment complex as we know it.

World's First 360° Crane

Due to the incredible size and weight of the concrete slabs used to construct the homes, a new type of crane had to be designed and built. This crane had to be able to turn completely around in a complete circle so that slabs could be lifted from the carts they came in on and set into place.

The Sheet and Tube Engineers went to work and designed and built the very first crane of its kind right on site. Another new innovation in technology was achieved.



About our Technological  Inventiveness
About our Economic Potential


There are 194 units remaining in the complex. 175 of these are available for renovation into viable rentals. If the median rent is only $350/month we are talking about an entity that would generate $61,250/month or $735,000/YEAR.

There is a lot of good that could be done with that amount of revenue. We are talking about changing a site, changing a town, a community a county, and a state. Project Leader Tim Sokoloff is not motivated by personal financial gain and is happily leading a more simplistic life. Instead, his financial goals are to raise the funding he needs to rebuild and restore a community that helped build our country and has been left far too long to blight and abandonment.

It is his goal and ambition to take the excess revenue from the site and regenerate it back into the community. Cleaning up vacant land throughout the city, creating green spaces where old homes once stood, putting a swimming pool back at the local park, and funding programs for kids in athletics, the arts, engineering and sciences, and more.

Ensuring our schools have the funding and equipment they need to further our youth, the beautification and economic prosperity of our city, and the preservation and promotion of our history are what matters.

Along with our supporters, we strive to create an entity that will benefit the many, and not just a few.

What is Needed to Succeed

Funding, Promotion, and Interest

Due to the fact this is an apartment complex, all that is really needed is funding to get the ball rolling. Even a small amount of money that would renovate 20 units would then provide enough income to continue renovating the remaining ones.

Promotion and Interest are also important. As stated earlier, word of mouth has brought us lots of attention. Envision what a true promotional campaign and some interest from some major players could provide. It is a site worth saving, it is a cause worth standing behind and it is a Historical project worthy of funding and attention.

It will transform a great piece of history, it will invigorate a city, it will empower a community and it will change the face of our entire county by having a major up and running monumentally important historic site and district. The vision is real and it is possible.

Please visit our Get Involved link and learn how you can help make this project a success. For today, for tomorrow, for everyone, please help us now.



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