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Current Projects in the Works

Our scope of projects and goals have changed a bit over the years, but since we have concluded that Veteran Housing is the best and most obvious solution our focus is on what we need to move towards that goal.

Cover & Prep

An immediate need to clean, landscape, board up and paint every empty unit is most important.

This simple thing would change the entire face of the site and would be a most important step to stopping demolition.

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Veteran Housing

A veteran community is our best scenario. Not only would it be a great site for  our vets to call home, but has the potential to provide many services and opportunities to help our Veterans.

We envision a place Vets would happily call home. Like the mill workers, Veterans have a bond, common experiences, and always a sense of looking out for each other.  The size of our complex offers space for urban agriculture, environmental opportunities, space and buildings to create on site counseling and services. The possibilities are endless.


solar_powered_street_lamps (3).JPG
Solar and Wind Initiatives

We are about to put up four solar panels and a high powered wind turbine to help power our garden and facilities unit.

We hope to add more wind and solar to our system, and have plans that would convert the entire complex into a giant power plant. A safe, long lasting, ascetically accurate conversion of the tile roofing is available. Its a lofty goal, but much like our site, you only build once, then you enjoy for a 100 years.

Company Homes Original Unit Museum

We are fortunate to have obtained a unit that had never been updated or remodeled all original to 1918. Other than the living room which was painted white to recreate the original look of the homes the rest of the unit is untouched.

This unit is complete with an original water tank in the basement, along with a very old wringer washing machine. The upstairs is complete with a tinder box stove, an antique refrigerator, original sink, shelves, electrical switch for main power, and more. The light fixtures, push-button switches, doors, and all of the bathroom including sink, toilet, and tub are all circa 1918 making this a great place to create a museum worthy of tourism.

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