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Help Us Save This Important Historical Site

Purchase Memorabilia

Contact us to purchase any of the following items. All proceeds go towards completing our projects and continuing the restoration of this historical site.


Unisex Necklaces - $10.00 Ea. Adjustable length necklace holding an actual piece of the Company Homes.


"Life in the Company Homes" Commemorative Coaster Sets - $6.00 Ea. or $20.00 for a set of four.


Key Rings - $10.00 Ea. High-quality keyring with an attached actual piece of the Company Homes.



Volunteer for a day, or a specific project, or event.


We have a diverse, fun, and exciting list of projects, events, and special volunteer days to fit any ones time schedule or interests.


From working in the museum to doing landscaping we run the gambit of volunteer opportunities.

Write a Review

Tell the world what you think about us.


Write a letter to the editor of any newspaper or pertinent magazine. Write a press release and get the news involved. Create a positive buzz in regards to our project and its goals. Hit up Facebook, Twitter, and other social media outlets and spread the word. A little "word of mouth" can go a long way.

Donate Stuff

Donate something other than cash.


Donate lawn, landscaping or construction equipment, scaffolding, construction materials, or whatever else you can think of that we might need.

Photos, videos, documents, from circa 1918 to 1977 from the company homes as well as furnishings that may have been used in that time period are of great help.


Tell us about your experiences in the Company Homes. If you have ever lived in, or been tied to the homes, sit down with us and let us record your tales of glory at this incredible site.


Recyclable Materials: cans, metal, appliances, broken equipment, printers computers, etc. are all things we can use.

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